Gorilla Glue 4 (GG4)

Introduction to GG4 #

GG4, also widely recognized as Gorilla Glue, Original Glue, Gorilla Glue #4, and Sticky Glue, is a hybrid strain that offers a robust euphoria and relaxation. Its genetic lineage includes Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel, resulting in a deeply calming experience with notable earthy and sour aromas.

Strain Highlights #

  • Feelings: Relaxed, Sleepy, Hungry
  • Negatives: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Paranoid
  • Helps With: Stress, Anxiety, Pain

GG4 Effects & Flavors #

Reported effects include relaxation, sleepiness, and increased appetite, with dry mouth, dry eyes, and paranoia as possible negatives. The strain boasts pungent, pine, and earthy flavors, highlighting its complex profile.

Terpene Profile #

The dominant terpene, caryophyllene, offers a spicy, peppery aroma and may provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Other terpenes include myrcene, with herbal notes, and limonene, known for its citrus scent.

Medical Benefits #

GG4 is often chosen for its potential to alleviate stress, anxiety, and pain.

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