Introduction to Gary Payton #

Gary Payton, a distinguished hybrid strain, emerges from the collaboration between Cookies and Kenny Dumetz of Powerzzzup Genetics, named in honor of the NBA Hall of Famer. This strain is a result of crossing the Y with Snowman, creating a potent, flavorful, and visually appealing product. With its high THC levels and minimal CBD content, Gary Payton offers balanced effects that cater to both recreational and medical users seeking an even-keeled experience. It has received multiple accolades, including 1st place in the 2022 Errl Cup in Arizona in hash form and 2nd in The Emerald Cup 2022, with its derivatives also winning awards in Oklahoma and Oregon.

Strain Highlights #

  • Feelings: Giggly, Talkative, Euphoric
  • Negatives: Anxious, Paranoid, Headache
  • Helps With: Anxiety, Depression, Stress

Gary Payton Effects & Flavors #

The effects of Gary Payton are primarily calming, providing a unique blend of euphoria and sociability that can alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. This strain’s high THC content ensures a potent experience, while its genetic background offers a rich flavor profile and colorful appearance.

Terpene Profile #

Specific terpene information for Gary Payton is not detailed, but the strain’s complex flavor and aroma suggest a diverse terpene composition that enhances its calming and euphoric effects.

Medical Benefits #

Gary Payton is sought after for its potential medical benefits, particularly for patients dealing with anxiety, depression, and stress, offering relief through its balanced and calming effects.

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